EA is one of the Best Acts at the HPMA’s!!!!

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Photo by Groovehouse

Electric Attitude
When the set starts with the band’s lead singer booty-bumping with the ladies in the front row, you know it’s funny. When that same singer, Blake Shepard, stands on top of an amp, shot in hand, not one, but four times, you know it’s fun. When he returns to the crowd not once but five times, nearly falling over a woman the last, you know it’s a party.

And when his fellow bandmates get together, collectively creating something that easily sounds like 50 musicians or more, you know it’s passion. When passersby look into the windows, their faces asking, “Who’s makin’ all that funkin’ noise?” you know it must sound damn good. And when the Reserve 101 proprietors fling open their backdoors to let out the sound into the street, you know it’s Electric Attitude. ALTAMESE OSBORNE

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